In a world of constant smart phone photos why would you bother hiring a professional photographer to take your family portrait? You probably have hundreds of photos of your family, but how many are good enough to print onto a large canvas? And how many really capture a magical special moment that will be as special in 10 - 20 years time as it is right now?

Not only do I take the time to capture unique candid moments over the course of the photography session, I want to make sure that every photo tells a story unique to your family, so that the photographs we make together are extra special to you. Once I've created your unique candid family story I'll even create a lovely video of some key photos from the session - all included at no extra cost.
Take a look at the video below and if you like what you see give me a call, and let's talk about what would make a memorable family photo session for you and your loved ones.
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