I’m Michelle Storm and I picked up my first camera over 30 years ago! I started out taking travel photos on my way around the world and never looked back.  Rather than a long and boring bio, here’s a few words about me so that you can get to know me a little more.
• I moved to London from the sticks in my early twenties and now live back in the sticks with my hubby and my dog Zak.
• I'm a Photography Coach and you find me on instagram @freshfoodphotographer and @photoschool_courses
• I began Stormfresh photography after deciding I could no longer bear the commute on the M25 into London everyday.
• I decided that if I had to work, it better be doing something that I enjoyed - and I genuinely love photography.
• I get my best creative ideas out walking in the woods with my hubby and our dog, or going for a run.
• I love getting that call that says I’m booked but I love even more the response I get from happy clients.
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